Janey’s Story



Hi, my name is Janey and I’m 15 years old.

When my Dad died it felt like someone had ripped my heart out, and I felt as if I was a nobody anymore.  I felt like I was trapped like I could not tell anybody about what I had been through.

It started from head pains to constantly being ill all the time at school. I constantly kept quiet about my feelings to my family, and kept it inside.

I joined the Families in Grief group. Being at Families in Grief made me realise that I could express my feelings and not be afraid to talk about it to my family and other people.

Families in Grief helped me to realise it was OK to talk about my dad.

Getting involved and doing activities with other children who had lost someone close to them taught me not to be scared and let it out. Doing fun things with other children was fun and also relieving.

Families in Grief was the best thing for me and my family at this time, it helped us to understand that we could be a strong family and cope as a family.

Thank you Families in Grief!