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“I had an 8 year old in my class whose mum had died. I was worried I would say the wrong thing.  FiG gave me the confidence to know what to say as well as some ideas about how I could help her. Thank you FiG.”  Teacher

We understand that sometimes you can feel a bit out of your depth when a child has experienced the death of someone close to them. What do you say? How can you help them?

We offer bereavement training to teaching staff and professionals who are in contact with bereaved children and young people.

Become a Bereavement Champion

Autumn 2022 marks the start of our Bereavement Champion Project. The aim is to provide training to one member of staff in every school in our catchment area of North Devon and Torridge. That’s over 100 schools!

We offer a three-hour training session, which is delivered by our skilled staff and volunteers. This is free of charge.

In these sessions, we share our knowledge and experience, to help build strategies and confidence, when supporting bereaved children in your setting.

Alongside this, we look at the impact a death can have on a child at different ages and understanding and what that may look like at school.

We provide ongoing support to our Bereavement Champions with an online hub including monthly drop-in clinics to answer questions as well as downloadable resources.

We deliver annual refresher training for anyone requiring it alongside initial training for any new staff members from schools who may wish to sign up.

We believe that we can help to reduce the impact on a child’s school life, after a bereavement, if the right strategies and support is in place as soon as the child needs it. In turn, lessening the impact on their education.

The session (with a short break in the middle) will cover the following:

  • The wide range of thoughts and feelings children and young people have after the death of someone close to them.
  • The impact death can have on a child at home or at school
  • How a child views death depending on their age or stage of development?
  • The impact of different types of death on the way a child grieves
  • Some practical ideas and resources to use when supporting a bereaved child or young person
  • Time for questions

If you are interested in becoming a Bereavement Champion, please click on the Sign up link below and fill out the form.  We will then contact you when we organise our next session.

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