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Teenaged and grieving? We’re here…

Remember: whatever you feel is ok!

Grief is different for everyone.  There are no right or wrong feelings to have, and it doesn’t matter if your feelings are different from other people who have been affected by the death.  It isn’t helpful to compare or to try to be like someone else.

Remember: you are not going mad!

Here are some of the most common feelings experienced by young people who are grieving:

  • feeling sick or having tummy pains
  • feeling panicky and breathless
  • finding it hard to concentrate
  • feeling angry
  • losing control easily
  • wanting to hurt yourself or someone else
  • crying
  • feeling numb
  • finding it hard to sleep
  • eating less or eating more
  • feeling like you can’t be bothered to do anything, even things you used to enjoy
  • feeling different from everyone else

Have you felt any of these?  There may be other things that you are feeling too – and you might feel all of these things in one day! It is no wonder that grieving is so exhausting.

Remember: be kind to yourself!

It can be really hard to think of anything that will make you feel better.  Here are some ideas that other young people have found helpful:

  • talking to friends or family
  • writing a journal
  • sport
  • going for a walk
  • spending time outdoors
  • spending time with your pets
  • listening to music
  • taking a warm bath
  • drawing or painting
  • having fun with friends – chatting, gaming
  • Joining a support group for young people like ‘Teens in Grief’

If things are feeling overwhelming, and you would like some help then please contact us.

Teens in Grief group

We run a support group called ‘Teens in Grief’ or ‘TiG’ (one of our young people in the group came up with this name!) It’s your chance to meet up with other young people your age who have also experienced the death of someone close to them, this can help you to feel less alone.

We understand that you might be a bit nervous before the first session, that’s normal! You’ll soon find that everyone is really friendly and welcoming and you may even make some new friends.

We will encourage you to take part in both creative and physical activities to help you get to know the others in the group, to think about your feelings, and to remember the person that died.

If you decide to take part then you’ll meet up with us every week for six weeks.

The ‘Teens in Grief’ programme looks like this:

Week 1: Introductions and Telling Your Story

Week 2: Memories

Week 3: Emotions

Week 4: Saying Goodbye

Week 5: How to Handle Grief

Week 6: Looking to the Future

We have a free downloadable booklet especially for teenagers that have experienced the death of a parent, relative or friend. It’s really easy to read and has some good ideas about how you can help yourself. You may like to look at it by clicking here:

Guide for Teens