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Guide for parents and carers

Our natural instinct is to protect our children from difficult things, and we may feel that we want to shield them from the reality of what has happened. However, telling your child the truth about how the person died, in a way they understand, is vitally important.

Children cope best with bereavement when they have events explained to them honestly, in language appropriate to their age and understanding.

You may need some help to do this – if so, this practical guide is for you. Based on years of supporting grieving families, it contains guidance and ideas to help any parent and carer with a bereaved child or young person in their lives. You can download it free of charge below. 

NEW GUIDES  We have also created these two short guides. 

Download How to support autistic children when bereaved

Download How to support pre-school children

And if you just want to download and share/print the most relevant sections for your own situation, we’ve created separate leaflets underneath to make it that bit easier!

Guide for parents and carers of bereaved children and young people

For easier sharing and printing …

Part 1 - For parents of children up to 11 years Part 2 - For parents of young people aged 11-18 Part 3 - Parenting when you are bereaved Part 4 - Frequently Asked Questions Part 5 - Resources