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Downloadable Guides

Bereavement takes many forms and affects all ages, and our resources need to reflect this.

We have drawn upon our wide experience supporting grieving children, young people and their families to create some practical, informative guides.  These are free for you to download, read and share with anyone who you feel may benefit. We will keep adding to these over time.

If you find the guides useful, and would like to, we always welcome donations to help us to develop our range of resources to meet the need of the families we support.

Take a look too at other age-appropriate resources we have found useful for Teens and for younger children with ideas for websites, apps and books.  Visit Websites and books for Teens and Books for young children.

Guide for parents and carers

Our natural instinct is to protect our children from difficult things, and we may feel that we want to shield them from the reality of what has happened. However, telling your child the truth about how the person died, in a way they understand, is vitally important.

Based on years of supporting grieving families, this practical guide if for every parent and carer with a bereaved child in their lives.

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Guides for schools

A supportive, well-informed school can make a really positive difference to a family, teaching staff and students when there is a death in the school community. Our practical guide will help you to navigate through the challenges you may face and give you the confidence to know what to do.

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Guide for teens

Teenage years can be great but they can be difficult too. When you experience the death of someone close to you it can feel particularly hard to deal with at this age. This guide will help you to understand your grief, to know what to expect, and to know when and how to ask for help.


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