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Thank you Hatherleigh Carnival!

Huge thanks to the Hatherleigh Carnival Committee who have donated a generous £425 to FiG after their November event last year.

Last year’s Carnival Queen was 15 year old Abi Bennett who chose FiG as the main beneficiary. Sadly, Abi has experienced the death of a couple of close friends and knows how important it is to receive support at the right time.

Abi says: “It’s great to know that there are organisations out there that can help you when you feel so sad and alone.”

The Carnival always donates its profits to charity and this year gave £350, with Abi and her family raising a further £75. And here she is – looking splendidly regal on the beautiful crepe paper float made by her family!

Thank you to Abi and her family and to everyone on the Hatherleigh Carnival Committee!

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