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Do 15 things for our fifteenth! #15forFiG

In September FiG turned 15! And we’d love you to mark the occasion by doing ’15 of something’  to celebrate (and raise some funds for us too!).

Why not use it to try something new to challenge yourself? You could friends and family to support you along the way with a donation or simply make a small donation yourself.  You’ll be amazed by the benefits to you and us! Even small amounts will make a BIG difference to someone who is grieving:

Here are some ideas to get you started! We challenge you to:

  • RUN, WALK OR SCOOTER 15 miles or 15 laps of your local park or playground.
  • SWIM 15 lengths
  • SKIP, HULAHOOP or do KEEPY-UPPIES for 15 minutes
  • Do 15 PRESS UPs or DANCE for 15 minutes every day in September
  • BAKE 15 cakes and sell them for FiG
  • Do a SPONSORED SILENCE for 15 hours (you may be asleep for some of this!)
  • Tell 15 JOKES in one go
  • DO YOGA for 15 minutes  a day
  • COOK a meal with 15 ingredients
  • Do a sponsored KARAOKE – sing 15 songs (they may even pay you to stop!)
  • Make your family a cup of TEA/COFFEE for 15 days
  • READ 15 books
  • Hold a 15th BIRTHDAY PARTY for FiG!

Or simply offer to do babysitting, lawnmowing, car washing or window cleaning and then donate what you have earnt to FiG.  (Remember to tell the person you are doing the job for that you are raising money for FiG – they might be extra generous!).

Sponsorship – on and off line!

Tell the world

    • Complete your #15forFiG activity and take a pic or video
    • Donate online to FiG (you choose how much) – and/or ask others to support you –  through this link
    • Share your pics or video to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #15forFiG. Tag your friends into your post to share and pass on the #15forFiG challenge!
    • OR simply send us your photos to [email protected]. We’d love to see and share them!

Pay in your money offline

If you prefer to pay in your money to FiG offline, please use this paying in form. 

Thank you and have fun!

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