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Celebrating ‘kindness and connection’ with Kit Heath

Founding siblings Kit Heath and Katie Nickell, buoyed by their unwavering bond, celebrate four decades of delighting the jewellery industry with their timeless designs.

The visionary sibling duo, Kit Heath and Katie Nickell reflect on a remarkable journey that began in 1984, enriched by the support and synergy between them. “Reaching 40 years is a testament to the enduring support and connections we’ve built over the decades and the ability to respect each other’s strengths and weaknesses. We also owe our longevity to the incredible individuals who have been part of our journey,” says Katie Nickell, Co-Founder & Creative Director, acknowledging the profound influence of their sibling partnership.

In 1984, the visionary sibling duo, Kit Heath and Katie Nickell embarked on an inspiring design journey that has come a long way since the early days when Kit sold his creations from his trusted VW campervan. Hailing from North Devon, they founded Kit Heath, a silver jewellery brand deeply rooted in the essence of timeless British style and coastal allure. Kit’s early creative spark started when he ‘recycled’ the family candlesticks, melting them down to bring his designs to life and resulting in capturing the hearts of many, marking the start of a lifelong passion for creating original silver jewellery.

Katie brought her artistic flair to the partnership as the brand’s Creative Director. Today, she heads the Company and continues to play a pivotal role in each design, making beautiful pieces in life story collections that resonate timelessly and delight the wearer.

Their journey underscores the profound support and collaboration that siblings can offer each other, forming the bedrock of Kit Heath’s success. As they celebrate their 40-year anniversary, Kit Heath pays homage to the enduring power of sibling bonds and the invaluable role they play in fostering creativity, resilience, and enduring connections. Proud to reach this significant milestone and owing their longevity to the unwavering support of others, a year of celebration has commenced with a theme of ‘kindness and connection’ to thank everyone who has been part of Kit Heath’s journey so far.

Kit Heath has kickstarted the year by donating 500 pieces to the UK charity, Smart Works and will be supporting local charities North Devon Hospice, Children’s Hospice South West and Families In Grief throughout the year. 

As part of this, they have offered each school with a FiG Bereavement Champion in North Devon and Torridge a beautiful Sterling Silver piece of jewellery lovingly crafted by Kit Heath – this can then be used to help raise funds for both FiG and their school with funds split equally. If you are a FiG Bereavement Champion and want to know more, please email [email protected].

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