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Support for Professionals

“I felt very out of my depth when a child in my class was bereaved. I didn’t know what to say or do. Thank you FiG for helping me!”.


Make a referral

We are working increasingly closely with schools and other professionals across North Devon and Torridge. So if you are dealing with a bereavement in your setting and would welcome support, please do get in touch.

We can help you to navigate through the challenges you may face, and give you the confidence to know what to do and say when there’s been a bereavement in your school community or what to do if you are a professional supporting a bereaved child.

It is important to be prepared, and to have a clear strategy in place. Be reassured that a supportive, well-informed school or professional can make a truly positive difference to a family, school community or work place going through the most difficult of times.

How we can help

Our support for professionals includes:

  • Training (bereavement support, delivering bad news) for trainee teachers, TAs, GPs, nurses and newly qualified Police Officers
  • Education sessions for local GP and paediatric teams, child’s home support workers and school staff
  • A ‘Bereavement Champion’ programme for local schools to ensure that there is at least one member of staff in each setting trained to provide bereavement support. There are currently around 90 school Bereavement Champions in schools across North Devon and Torridge.
  • Direct work alongside pastoral teams in schools to support families following bereavement, particularly in the event of a traumatic/unexpected death of a member of the school community.

If you are a teacher looking for support for a bereaved child in your classroom right now please download our free Guide for Schools.

Bereavement Training for schools

We deliver bereavement training to teaching staff through our ‘Bereavement Champion’ programme. For further details about how your school can be involved please visit our Training page.

Bereavement Training for other schools