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Support for Professionals

“I felt very out of my depth when a child in my class was bereaved. I didn’t know what to say or do. Thank you FiG for helping me!”.

On average, one child in every classroom is bereaved of a parent (one in every 29 children). This doesn’t include children who might experience the death of a wider family member or close family friend and others who may experience the death of another child or teacher at their school.

We can help you to navigate through the challenges you may face, and give you the confidence to know what to do when there’s been a bereavement in your school community or what to do if you are a professional supporting a bereaved child.

We understand that bereavement is a difficult subject which we often want to avoid talking about, especially with children. It may remind us of our own painful life experiences. We may be afraid of ‘saying the wrong thing’, or of upsetting a child’s family with their own beliefs and ways of coping. We may be very aware that we don’t have all the answers, and that we can’t change what has happened.

It is important to be prepared, and to have a clear strategy in place. Be reassured that a supportive, well-informed school or professional can make a very positive difference to a family or school community going through the most difficult of times.

And remember, if you need extra help or advice, please contact us here at Families in Grief, or download our FREE booklet now on this website called ‘What to do when there’s been a bereavement in your school community: A practical guide’

We can offer you the following kinds of support if you are member of a school community or professional looking for help for a bereaved child or young person:

If you are worried about a child in your classroom, or perhaps you need some advice or help with practical activities then we can help you. We can talk to you over the phone or via video call about strategies to adopt or suggestions about resources or practical activities. All support is tailored to the child’s needs.

We have an excellent free downloadable booklet called ‘What to do when there’s been a bereavement in your school community: A practical guide for teachers’ It has lots of guidance and strategies to help you right now. You can click here to download it:

Guide for schools

We also offer bereavement training sessions throughout the year to help you gain further knowledge and confidence in this area. Our training session is called: ‘An Introduction to supporting bereaved children, young people and their families’   We can deliver the training session face to face or online.

The aim of the session is to help school communities and professionals understand the impact that bereavement can have on children and young people and to become more confident in supporting them.

The session (with a short break in the middle) will cover the following:

  • The wide range of thoughts and feelings children and young people have after the death of someone close to them.
  • The impact death can have on a child at home or at school
  • How a child views death depending on their age or stage of development?
  • The impact of different types of death on the way a child grieves
  • Some practical ideas and resources to use when supporting a bereaved child or young person
  • Time for questions

If you are interested in this training session, then please email [email protected] and we will contact you when we organise our next session.