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Support for children

“I talked about my Dad to my friends at school, and showed them the memory box I’d made” Sam, aged 6, whose Dad died. “Sam is more confident to go to school now and things are calmer at home since going to the FiG group” Sam’s Mum, Barnstaple.

All children and young people need information, reassurance, and to know that they can trust you.  Be open to their questions, and offer reassurance and support when needed. This can be daunting and difficult to navigate and so do please remember to contact us here at Families in Grief if you need extra support.

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Support for children at primary school (Age 6-11)

We offer a variety of support depending on the needs of each family. This could include:

  • support through our Children’s Groups. During the sessions children are given arts and craft activities as well as physical activities to explore their feelings about their bereavement. The parents/carers of the young people have their own support group in a room nearby.
  • one to one sessions in the FiG office at Castle Lodge, Barnstaple and/or at school or other community setting.
  • working alongside a school staff member who already has an existing relationship with the child in order for them to provide support.
  • ongoing phone support and resources for families.
  • offering group activities working alongside local established organisations, such as Arlington Court and North Devon Surf School.
  • fortnightly drop-in sessions at Castle Lodge, Barnstaple to chat things through.
  • we can also provide support to pre-school age children.

Meet Megan

Meet Megan, aged seven

Do call us on 01271 447960 (Mon-Fri) or email [email protected] if you would like to know more about how we can support your child and your family.

You may also find our free downloadable resource helpful:

Guide for parents and carers of bereaved children and young people