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How we help

We help families to feel better and less alone in their grief.

We understand that every bereaved family is individual and we will join them wherever they are on their journey through grief.

We offer support to both bereaved families and to teaching staff and professionals living in North Devon and the Torridge area. The support we provide is broken down as follows:

We are also here to support parents/carers and professionals, including teachers and staff.

For a good overview of what we do, take a look at our Annual Family Service Report 2021-2022.

Annual Family Service Report 2021-2022

Support for Children

All children and young people need information, reassurance, and to know that they can trust you.  Be open to their questions, and offer reassurance and support when needed. This can be daunting and difficult to navigate and so do please remember to contact us here at Families in Grief if you need extra support.

Support for children

Support for Young People

Families in Grief can help young people to understand and cope with their grief. So if you are a teenager who’s grieving and join our support group for young people, you will also meet others who are in the same position as you.

Support for young people

Support for Parents

Children cope best with bereavement when they have events explained to them honestly, in language appropriate to their age and with understanding. You may need help or support to do this. Your child will also need support following the news.

Support for Parents

Support for Schools or Professionals

On average, one child in every classroom is bereaved of a parent (one in every 29 children). This doesn’t include children who might experience the death of a wider family member or close family friend and others who may experience the death of another child or teacher at their school.

Support for Professionals