FUNdraise at school for FiG!

Fundraise at school

FiG Friday

Why not organise a dress down day at school for FiG? It could be on a Friday or any day to suit.  Simply charge students £1 to not wear school school uniform and raise awareness, funds and a few laughs along the way!

You could…

  • go green or purple (FiG colours) for the day
  • ‘Be a hero’ – wear a cape for the day or dress as your own hero.
  • dress as your favourite food
  • dress as the thing that makes you happiest
  • get all the students to dress down and all the staff to wear uniform!

Other ideas

We’ve got loads of ideas to help you to fundraise at school – here’s a few to get you started!  Want more inspiration? Visit our Fundraising page or download your BiG FiG FUNdraising pack.

Bake cakes or run a stall – make and bake delicious cakes (or cupcakes) and raise funds and awareness. Take them to school to sell.

Games day – ask students to bring in toys and games to play with on the last day of term and ask for a donation in return.

Car wash – get the sponges out and get the whole school involved in washing parents’ cars. How about £5 for a wash and wax?

Jokes – ask each pupil to bring in their favourite joke and a £1 or £2 donation and hold a class or assembly dedicated to joke telling.

Footie4FiG – set up your own school challenge. The most keepie-uppies or put the head teacher in goal and take penalties against the head! Charge small donations to take part.

Talent competition – why not ask if you could run your very own ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ in your school? Ask everyone in the audience to make a donation to FiG. Singing, telling jokes, magic… what’s not to like?

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