Fig Group outside - Great!

Here’s what some of the bereaved families we’ve supported say about Families in Grief:

“FiG helped to open up the channels of communication between me and my children giving us the chance to deal with our grief as a family.”

“We are now a bit calmer and we coped with Christmas better. I would definitely recommend FiG to someone else who has experienced bereavement.”

“FiG has shown the children that they’re not alone.”

“FiG is a great opportunity to talk to other people about what has happened. The volunteers are very nice and caring and look after you well.”

“We have gelled together as a family again and started to enjoy ourselves again, as a family.”

“My daughter and I now have much more open conversations about loss and how it’s affected us. FiG has helped to heal a few of the wounds just by having the opportunity to talk, share and carry out therapeutic activities.”

“FiG has given us strength, support and a group of friends who understand each other.”