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Our approach

Our overarching mission is to ensure that all bereaved families in North Devon and Torridge receive the support they need, when they need it – free of charge and tailored to meet the developing needs of the young people and adults in their family.

Our work has two strands – direct bereavement support work with families, and education/training for the professionals and agencies supporting them so that they have the skills and understanding to help when needed.

Together we support families to achieve four key outcomes:

  • To help the young people and their families understand and move forward with their grief (grief comes in waves throughout our lives and by understanding and accepting families can be supported to move beyond the acute phase and develop strategies to live with their bereavement)
  • To improve family relationships and communication (families tell us that communications often break down following bereavement as individuals react in different ways and adjust to different roles and responsibilities)
  • To reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness (thus improving mental wellbeing)
  • To facilitate engagement with school and other community organisations (so as to develop the skills to move forward, thus maximising life chances).